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Helenina's first book: In the name Of Kali

In The Name Of Kali
if you are interested in buying a copy:)

In this book you are invited to see self-portraits relating to the Goddess Kali associated or not with poems.

Either you will see personas who still build their own prison or strong women who assert their soul without denying their body and who do not want to follow the patriarchy of our societies so they personify Kali's energy.

There you can find answers on how to deal with anger in a creative way, how to feel more at peace with yourself and how to liberate your free speech.

This book is my sharing of feminine freedom so that my sisters can remember who they truly are and perhaps find their own transformative ways to their inner Kali.

Kali is the killer of inertia.
In this book you will see feminine strength, courage, determination, awakening, will and all their opposites.
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